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Airbrush tanning is the only safe way to receive a beautiful, golden brown tan in just one session. With a glo airbrush tan you will not experience the side effects that you would from UV tanning including burning, brown spots, peeling, wrinkling, and most importantly skin cancer.


Glo's formulations are 99% natural-based solutions that do not contain alcohol or artificial fragrances. The active tanning ingredient, DHA, is an FDA-approved sugar cane derivative that provides a safe alternative to UV tanning.

custom color:

Glo is dedicated to customizing a sunless tan to the specific needs of its clients. After a skin consultation, technicians will vary the shade, depth and color of the tan according to your skin type and preference.

flawless application:

Glo's innovative airbrush tanning utilizes two separate airbrushes. Unlike spray booths, our experts contour your body by hand ensuring a flawless even tan. There will never be an orange streaky mess and your hands and feet will look naturally tan.